Client Reviews

Victor Soto

It's hard to believe that I have worked and known Michael Kirchhoff and Datatel 360 for almost eight years since we changed our telephone technology to VoIP solution... From the outset, Michael has been a great source of support.

Technology changes very fast and having a company, and a tech consultant are key to keep your business up to day with the latest trend.

We recently moved our in-house VoIP system to a hosted cloud-based technology and all this was possible because of the great support and knowledge of Michael and Datatel 360 stuff.

Now I'm worried free and I can focus my attention in managing my business.

ATL Insurance LLC

James Hayes

Thank you so much I really appreciate everything, this is making the transition very simple and a lot of worry off of me. I am going to need your assistance for a couple more items per corporate they want someone to come and set up our docking stations and some other IT functionality things. I gave the head of our IT department your name yesterday and he said he would reach out to you. I have 4 more offices to open and if you don't mind I would like to retain you for those also. They are in GA but they are not identified offices yet. I am actually working on that as we speak. I like the fact that you turned this around so quickly and makes my job much easier when all I have to worry about is production. Again thank you for a much smoother transition than I have ever had before.

Cross Country Mortgage

Rick Wakefield

Two years ago I joined Omnilink Systems, who were already using Zultys. One of my first tasks as IT Manager was to fortify the implementation of the Zultys phone system based on a series of technical issues experienced. It quickly became obvious that the initial implementation was poorly executed and the original VAR had not accomplished a fortified implementation. I acquired Datatel360 as our Zultys VAR of choice and they’ve helped us accomplish our goals by correcting the problems.

Earlier this year, Omnilink was acquired by Numerex Corporation and I am now Director of IT. Numerex needed a phone system upgrade and we invested $200k in the Zultys system to be implemented company wide. Again, Datatel360 is our VAR of choice as they have shown they are more than capable of helping us accomplish our goals.

Director of IT
Numerex Corp

Vitaly Sandyrev

Michael and his team has done an excellent job at our new location.They have set-up our new IT-Room with server racks, cabling, IP cameras.We definitely recommend Michael Kirchhoff from DataTel 360 and his team.

Once again, Thank you Michael.

MyAirbags Team

Michele Rosa

I wanted to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude for the services your company has provided my smaller business. More importantly, Marsie Johnson has been there for us every step of the way as we implemented our new phone service for our offices. Granted we are a small business, but Marsie never made us felt that way. Her level of customer service and care is phenomenal and she sets the bar very high for others in your service industry. We are getting ready to take on more employees and a larger location and know we are in good hands when we get ready to flex the new phone system. Thank you once again to your company and more importantly the gem of an employee you have.

Exclusive Appliance Services


Datatel 360 has been an irreplaceable partner in the world of digital phones and VOIP. As a local IT business owner, having access to the knowledge and resources of D360 can’t be put into words. It is like I have my own VOIP specialist on-hand anytime I need them. I am consistently able to rely on the 360 team to match my hours (meaning answering emails at 10 PM on a Friday night), as well as provide me with the information I need to bring my customers quality service and products.

The whole team over at D360 is there to help when I need it, or there to make me a solid proposal for a client who needs a new system. I know that if I pick up the phone, send an email, or send smoke signals their way I will have my answer promptly.

With Michael’s and Marsie’s help, we have been able to bring high-end digital phone systems to local small businesses, as well as a multitude of city buildings in the area. If my engineers have a question, they call Michael – he’s the man with the answers.

Good luck in your endeavors,


Elizabeth Baptist Church

Datatel 360 has done 2 large cabling projects for us at Elizabeth Baptist Church and I will continue to use them for any of our technology needs. They are Fast, Professional, and Reliable!

I.T. Director
Elizabeth Baptist Church

Paul E. Knowlton, Esq.

I purchased my firm’s new phone system from DataTel 360 and also hired them to coordinate our phone/internet needs for our recent relocation. I selected DataTel, and Marsie in particular, from four phone vendors who were recommended to me.

It’s not professional to gush so allow me to condense my recommendation to this: The only one thing I and everyone in my firm really feared over this relocation was a phone/internet solution that failed, because almost everything we do is with that technology. Marsie won over my fear and with her guidance the purchase and installation was virtually flawless - the one glitch from the carrier side Marsie dealt with at 11pm on the Sunday we moved and she has delivered on her every promise. We had our phone training this past Friday and as far as I know everyone is pleased. Going forward I expect to never have another phone question or worry again in my professional life - I will simply call Marsie!

I have no hesitation in recommending DataTel 360 whatsoever, and have in fact introduced their services to fellow business acquaintances - something I would not do unless I was 110% happy with their service.

Hope Baldauff, LLC

Patrick Wu

Michael is a great person and professional to work with. He and his company have done a lot work to our phone system. We like his quick response and expertise.

Director of Information Services

Regina Edwards

Amazing Customer Service!!! I own a law firm and purchased a system 5 years ago, and have had problems ever since. I would have dropped calls, or the phone would ring busy. It was very unprofessional, and I am sure I lost business from potential clients. I hired DataTel 360. I found them on the Internet, hired them on Monday, they installed a Samsung 7100 on Thursday and it was seamless. Any questions we had, Marsie Johnson answered them happily and promptly. I was very pleased and will recommend them to everyone I know.

Edwards & Associates Law Firm

Barry Tomlinson

Michael is a very good supplier and provides very good service. I would recommend Michael and his company.

Director of Special Projects
The StoneHill Group

Gavin Wilson

I have recommended DataTel360 to a couple of my Clients both Large Enterprise (Graphic Packaging Intl’) and Small Business (Mid-State RV in Byron, GA). We have successfully implemented the Zultys system at these locations over the last 8 years. As we are quite happy with the cost savings and reliability of these systems they have recommended, the key to our success has been the excellent Customer Service we have received from DataTel360 from beginning to end of each Customer install. They have been critical in not only dealing directly with Zultys on our behalf for issues that arise over time but especially in respect to helping with both the initial install project as well as routine preventative maintenance throughout the course of each systems lifecycle. Their expertise in many areas have been a proven asset to the success of our Projects. Just recently, this was confirmed as they were a HUGE help when we implemented the new VOIP system to replace our older Avaya PBX at a 24/7 Converting Facility while also relocating the entire MDF (Data Center). DataTel360 was able to work with multiple Service Providers and report to me daily to ensure the “cut-over” went off without a hitch so I could focus on the network infrastructure SLAs. We were able to minimize the original projected downtime to less than half! This saved us a great deal of additional effort due to his vast background in the Voice/Telco field. I have not been able to find another Company with their level of Customer Support without all the fees and charges that normally accompany this level of service. They have always been willing to work with each Customer to find a solution that fits each environment from Standard offices to Production areas. With that said, writing a recommendation is for DataTel360 is not only a pleasure but the least I could do to say Thank You!

eMagine IT Group

Matt Freeman

I have been doing business with Michael Kirchhoff since the late 1980’s when we obtained our first digital voice mail system from him. Since then Michael and D360 have been providing with us with voice and messaging systems and software.

The Zultys MX250 VOIP PBX system that we purchased several years ago has been instrumental in our ability to grow our business. With Michael’s expertise, we have been able to take advantage of the system’s capabilities to seamlessly integrate two acquisitions in the past eighteen months and we are now taking on a third acquisition. We could not have accomplished this without Michael’s guidance.

Michael has been excellent at helping us with issues between us and our ISP/Telecom provider. When things began to be a finger pointing exercise, Michael was able to bring his technical expertise to bear to get to the bottom of the problem and get resolution. Michael has always been willing to be on-site after hours when changing from one ISP to another to insure that everything was working properly.

Michael and D360 have always been prompt and diligent with request for new service and capabilities. MySupplies has felt very comfortable with recommending our customers and business associates to D360 for it’s IT and telecom services needs.


James K. Creasy

As you know, we first began working with D360 when we moved our office and upgraded our telephone and network system. I was very impressed because I specifically remember you coming over after business hours and working into the evening to insure that the transition was seamless. It was seamless and my law firm was up and running the next Monday morning.

Further, you will recall that the hard drive on our server failed last Summer. D360′s response was very prompt and nearly immediate. By the end of the afternoon, we were back on line with a patched system while Michael took lead on having the information on our hard drive recovered. By the end of the week, Michael had been able to retrieve almost all of the lost data and had our system upgraded with the most current updates and back-up systems.

Finally, in early August, the phone/internet provider’s service to our firm had sporadic failures (probably due to an update that was not compatible with our system). When the phone/internet provider was largely non-responsive, Michael took lead on pressing that company to properly address and remedy the failure. Once again, he was at our office after hours and even met a technician from the phone/internet provider on site a second day to ensure the problem was resolved.

In sum, D360 delivered its services and products as promised, and, has always been there to assist with troubleshooting difficulties when they arose… Even when such difficulties had nothing to do with the original scope of work. My experience with Michael and D360 has been nothing short of exemplary and I recommend them without reservation.

Attorney at Law
The Law Offices of Gillis & Creasy, LLC

Patrick O’Keefe

You are just a joy to work with! Thank you for all you have and will do for Nexus. If I were down there, I’d buy you lunch so just pretend I’m buying you lunch. Anything you want, go for it!!!

IT Manager
NEXUS Distribution

Pete Mauger

Prior to hooking up with DataTel 360 last year, we had been sold a phone system predominantly made up of wireless handsets. Since our office is a rather quirky, retrofitted residential home, located in a somewhat technology-lagging area of Gainesville, we were having issues with that system.

Marsie and I began to discuss options late last year, and we ended up going with the Samsung 7200 Phone Solution, utilizing a PRI circuit. We have been in that system for almost 6 months now and are very happy with it. We wanted a system we could grow with, and admittedly we are right now underutilizing it relative to its capabilities. However, we are extremely satisfied with the ease of use and the quality performance that the system provides. I cannot think of a time when the system has let us down, regardless of the weather.

I have found both Michael and Marsie very good to deal with. They are true professionals, very helpful and very fair, and willing to go that extra mile to make sure things are right. I would strongly recommend their services.

Finance Officer
TEAMeffort, Inc.

Shirley S. Waters

We recently purchased the Zultys MX250 system from DataTel 360. In addition to an enhanced phone system with dynamic features, we can also send and receive fax information to our desktops (this is very important to us!), we have an IM feature that is available to the users of the company. A couple of our users now only answer their phone through their PC without touching the handset. We are considering wireless headsets for them. Michael Kirchhoff installed the system within a matter of a couple of days, held training sessions before we went live on the system, and was here with us when we went live. He is available to us when we need assistance. Marsie Johnson coordinated the financial end for us without interruption and we just picked a date for the installation. The first couple of days were hectic in getting used to the system, but we have been on the system now for almost two weeks, and so far, everything is flowing smoothly. Our users are sharing information with each other about the features and what they have set up in their MXIE. From an administrative standpoint, Michael has been very helpful in answering questions, allowing me as the administrator to learn from him the various administrative features that are available with the system. There are real time reports available as well as history reports. You can make changes to the phones themselves, add groups, edit groups, add users, delete users. This is just a few of features that I have learned about so far. We are looking to increase the response time to our customers and improve the efficiency of our employees with this technology.

United Seal & Rubber Co., Inc.

Lyle Sawyer

I'll start off with a quick thanks to Mark and James for their hard work thus far. We passed our ceiling inspection without incident (as well as our other inspections) so we are moving right along. I also need to discuss some additional work. Turns out our new lease amendment does in fact specify that we are responsible for removing all cable currently in use by us in our current space. Let me know when you have some time next week to go over costing for that additional demo. That should bring us up to speed on the current status and projected next steps on the install schedule. Please let me know if you have any additional questions/comments and I will do my best to answer them promptly Your team is doing a great job over here. I certainly appreciate it.

MDI Group

David Appleman

Call quality is great so far... on our new Accessline SIP trunks!

I want to thank you very much for all that you have done and especially all the hard work you put forth to help us switch over.

You have been absolutely one of the best folks I have interacted with throughout this process….I do not forget these things!!! I am very loyal to those who take care of clients like you do.

Have a great weekend and I will be in touch in regards to new desk phone purchases and conference room (cordless) phone purchase needs.

IT Director
Leader Realty

Andy Gee

Datatel 360 did a very quick and thorough job. We needed cabling run in a limited amount of time and Michael was able to get it done.

Much more professional than any of the previous vendors that we used. If you have more questions please let me know, and you are more than welcome to give me a call.

IT Director
Royal Food Service