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We understand the challenges that you face as a small or medium-sized business. After all, what company doesn’t face hurdles from time to time? For most businesses difficulties can usually be overcome with communication - and that’s where we step in. For over 17 years we’ve been the top provider of telecommunications and managed IT services in Atlanta. Would your organization benefit from an upgraded VoIP phone system, SIP trunking, IP cameras or new office cabling in Atlanta? Let us know what we can do for you today.

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Managed Telecom Services

Say goodbye to outrageous monthly bills and hello to predictable telecom costs. Our monthly flat-rate fee VoIP Solutions and SIP Trunking eliminates the shock of surprises.

Managed IT

Less downtime equals more productivity. More productivity equals more profit. With us at the helm you can forget about IT and concentrate on growing your business.


The Cloud doesn’t just host your IT - with our Cloud phone systems you never need miss an important call again. Now that’s great customer service!

Cabling Solutions and Office Moves

Whether you’re expanding or downsizing, if you’re moving your business you’ve got enough to think about without worrying about cabling. Let us take care of that for you.

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Thank goodness for the internet. One of the many benefits of this amazing communications device is Voice Over Internet Providers, VOIP. If you have been using a business telephone system in Georgia, chances are you have experienced a VOIP telephone system. This is simply the use of the internet to make phone calls.

Why VOIP Services?

  • Progress is the name of the game with VIOP services that we provide. You have lower costs, between 50% and 75% according to experts; increased productivity, because many employees can work remotely, being productive even from their homes during non-office hours. Also, intra-office communications is enhanced, as employees may interact more readily.
  • VOIP phone systems are more reliable, since most of the common issues with archaic over the wire systems are not present. Many studies have shown that the negative comments from VOIP users are less than one half of one percent (.05%) that have complained of call quality.
  • Another (of many) positives of utilizing a VOIP business phone system is that call-in customers have fewer problems connecting and being routed to the right department. This is important since most customers would rather switch rather than complain.
  • Cloud phone systems in Atlanta further improve the services we provide to customers. Cloud storage backs up your files and other communications away from your vulnerable internal network. This storage enables access from anywhere by authorized individuals or organizations. Far safer and faster than trying to access an internal network.

The types of VOIP Systems Available are:


Hosted Systems

Where the vendor owns the equipment and the business leases or buys the telephones. This is a lower upfront cost, but no maintenance, so an internal IT staff is useful.


On Premise

You own the hardware and are responsible for maintenance. A higher initial cost but less in the long run.


Managed Systems

The client owns the equipment, but contracts with the supplier for service and maintenance. Costs are higher but less downtown as the result.

Datatel 360 provides cat 6 network cable wire, cat 5 Ethernet cable wiring, fiber optic network cabling, office phone systems in Atlanta and surrounding metro areas. We are a professional Atlanta network cabling provider and telecommunications expert.

With Intermedia Unite, you’re always connected — in the office and on-the-go

Whether in the office, in the car, at home, or at a coffee shop, Intermedia Unite and all of its communication and collaboration
capabilities go with you, so you can seamlessly get work done and stay connected to colleagues and clients.

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DataTel 360’s loyal customers have quite a lot to say for themselves too!

  • Victor Soto

    It's hard to believe that I have worked and known Michael Kirchhoff and Datatel 360 for almost eight years since we changed our telephone technology to VoIP solution... From the outset, Michael has been a great source of support.

    Technology changes very fast and having a company, and a ...Read More

    Victor Soto
    ATL Insurance LLC

    James Hayes

    Thank you so much I really appreciate everything, this is making the transition very simple and a lot of worry off of me. I am going to need your assistance for a couple more items per corporate they want someone to come and set up our docking stations and some other IT functionality things. I gave ...Read More

    James Hayes
    Cross Country Mortgage

    Rick Wakefield

    Two years ago I joined Omnilink Systems, who were already using Zultys. One of my first tasks as IT Manager was to fortify the implementation of the Zultys phone system based on a series of technical issues experienced. It quickly became obvious that the initial implementation was poorly executed ...Read More

    Rick Wakefield
    Director of IT
    Numerex Corp

  • Vitaly Sandyrev
    Michael and his team has done an excellent job at our new location.They have set-up our new IT-Room with server racks, cabling, IP cameras.We definitely recommend Michael Kirchhoff from DataTel 360 and his team.

    Once again, Thank you Michael.

    Vitaly Sandyrev
    MyAirbags Team

    Michele Rosa
    I wanted to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude for the services your company has provided my smaller business. More importantly, Marsie Johnson has been there for us every step of the way as we implemented our new phone service for our offices. Granted we are a small business, but Marsie ...Read More

    Michele Rosa
    Exclusive Appliance Services

    Go PC LLC
    Datatel 360 has been an irreplaceable partner in the world of digital phones and VOIP. As a local IT business owner, having access to the knowledge and resources of D360 can’t be put into words. It is like I have my own VOIP specialist on-hand anytime I need them. I am consistently able to rely on ...Read More

    Bill Osborne
    Go PC LLC

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