Matt Freeman

I have been doing business with Michael Kirchhoff since the late 1980’s when we obtained our first digital voice mail system from him. Since then Michael and D360 have been providing with us with voice and messaging systems and software.

The Zultys MX250 VOIP PBX system that we purchased several years ago has been instrumental in our ability to grow our business. With Michael’s expertise, we have been able to take advantage of the system’s capabilities to seamlessly integrate two acquisitions in the past eighteen months and we are now taking on a third acquisition. We could not have accomplished this without Michael’s guidance.

Michael has been excellent at helping us with issues between us and our ISP/Telecom provider. When things began to be a finger pointing exercise, Michael was able to bring his technical expertise to bear to get to the bottom of the problem and get resolution. Michael has always been willing to be on-site after hours when changing from one ISP to another to insure that everything was working properly.

Michael and D360 have always been prompt and diligent with request for new service and capabilities. MySupplies has felt very comfortable with recommending our customers and business associates to D360 for it’s IT and telecom services needs.

Matt Freeman