Why a Managed Phone System

Why a Managed Phone System?
Cloud-based is great, Managed is better.

You can focus on the phone call, we’ll focus on the phone system.
A well-managed phone system feels easy. It just works. We’ve discovered that a fully managed cloud phone system is what users need to get real impact out of the complexity and power of VoIP services, especially for changing, growing, dynamic companies.

A managed system is all part of the DataTel 360 Experience.


If you select DataTel 360, you’ll get:

  • Expert project managers to run your implementation.
  • A dedicated team that monitors system issues and feature usage. They will proactively help you improve and stay “in tune” over time.
  • On-demand support and training, not only for system administrators, but also for end users who simply double-tap the “?” button on their phones to reach support.
  • Attention to your customer’s customer. The right call flow gets callers where they want to go quickly, keeping your staff exactly as accessible as they want to be.
  • Experts-on-tap to guide you through using our value added services like contact center or application integration.
  • Focus on the future of cloud communications and resources dedicated to further innovation.