Gavin Wilson

I have recommended DataTel360 to a couple of my Clients both Large Enterprise (Graphic Packaging Intl’) and Small Business (Mid-State RV in Byron, GA). We have successfully implemented the Zultys system at these locations over the last 8 years. As we are quite happy with the cost savings and reliability of these systems they have recommended, the key to our success has been the excellent Customer Service we have received from DataTel360 from beginning to end of each Customer install. They have been critical in not only dealing directly with Zultys on our behalf for issues that arise over time but especially in respect to helping with both the initial install project as well as routine preventative maintenance throughout the course of each systems lifecycle. Their expertise in many areas have been a proven asset to the success of our Projects. Just recently, this was confirmed as they were a HUGE help when we implemented the new VOIP system to replace our older Avaya PBX at a 24/7 Converting Facility while also relocating the entire MDF (Data Center). DataTel360 was able to work with multiple Service Providers and report to me daily to ensure the “cut-over” went off without a hitch so I could focus on the network infrastructure SLAs. We were able to minimize the original projected downtime to less than half! This saved us a great deal of additional effort due to his vast background in the Voice/Telco field. I have not been able to find another Company with their level of Customer Support without all the fees and charges that normally accompany this level of service. They have always been willing to work with each Customer to find a solution that fits each environment from Standard offices to Production areas. With that said, writing a recommendation is for DataTel360 is not only a pleasure but the least I could do to say Thank You!

eMagine IT Group