Moving Your Telecom Service & Equipment?

Tips and Recommendations

1) Dial tone & Internet Service
Call your Service Provider 2-3 MONTHS BEFORE your move. It takes roughly 30+ days from initial contact for your service provider to move Voice and Data circuits. Nothing says downtime like a business without phone or Internet service. Some Service Providers will take this opportunity to try and upgrade your service. Before you agree to anything beside the service relocation please give us a call at 770.441.9999 and we’ll help make sure everything is what you’ve been told. Once the contract is signed there’s little we can do to help.

2) Voice and Data Cabling
Phone & Data networks are a highly specialized field and your vendor should be selected at least 6-8 weeks in advance. Like all other services you get make sure the company is licensed and insured. It never hurts to get more than one quote. Have your vendor specify what they are proposing so you can properly compare prices.

3) Telephone System going with you?
Coordinate vendors: 1) You 2) phone system vendor 3) service providers and 4) Your IT Vendor should be communicating regularly. This should ensure a well organized plan and schedule designed to minimize or even eliminate downtime. Along with this should be meetings with your general contractor, if you’re building out your office and your furniture company, if you’re installing cubicles.

4) Upgrade Opportunity?
Take advantage of opportunity, it doesn't come along often. Sometimes it's more cost effective in the long run (1-3 Years) to simply upgrade and replace. Telecom technology has changed drastically and this is a great time to review your options. More and more business are moving part or all of their services into the cloud, a system relocations is a great time to look into this, if nothing else it will give you some numbers that you can plan with.