ZipLink-Xtreme Ruggedized 80Mbps Wireless Ethernet Extender

The newest ZipLink wireless Ethernet extender has all the features and benefits of the ZipLink series but with more range, speed, and ruggedness.

The ZipLink-Xtreme wirelessly extends 80Mbps of Ethernet bandwidth up to three miles line of sight in conditions ranging from -40°F to 145°F. ZipLink-Xtreme can handle hundreds of VoIP calls, and Ethernet traffic as well. A practical limit when doing both would be 100 phone lines (simultaneously) which would still leave 90% of the bandwidth available for internet. Also—depending on variables such as resolution, video quality, and frame rate—the ZipLink-Xtreme can support approximately 10 HiDef IP cameras for security applications.

ZipLink-Xtreme is a fast, affordable alternative to trenching cables through impassable terrain or across parking lots, streets, or concrete aprons. A typical trenching job would cost $3,500 to get started and average $200/hr in operations costs thereafter. At a fraction of the cost, the ZipLink-Xtreme can be installed and running in few hours.

The ZipLink-Xtreme is a complete solution that houses all electronics in a rugged NEMA 4 outdoor antenna enclosure. Tough enough for permanent installations in demanding conditions, the ZipLink-X is ideal for temporary jobsites and re-used again and again.

ZipLink-X for IP cameras v.2

ZipLink-Xtreme Benefits

  • Saves money by eliminating costly trenching
  • Fast installation–no radio experience needed
  • Secure 256 bit AES encryption
  • Can be re-used
  • No permits or licenses required
  • No need for surveys or right of way maps

Communications Supported

  • Private LAN
  • Multiple Hi-Definition IP Cameras
  • Multiple T1/VoIP Connections
  • Internet
  • Digital Signage

Download ZipLink-Xtreme Data Sheet

ZipLink System includes:

  • Remote & Base End Radios
  • 2 power adapters & power injectors
  • 2 x 100 ft outdoor CAT 3 cable
  • 2 Wall pole mount and brackets w/nuts, screws, washers

Required tools:

  • Drill/ Phillips head screwdriver, Fishline,
  • RJ11 crimper, 10mm nut driver