Cloud Phone System Virtual

Finally, A Smart Business Phone System

Beyond the dial tone

We are voice specialists. We provide lots of value added products and services to support voice, but our business phone system is at the heart of what we do. Easy to install and easy to use, our cloud phone system is available wherever you are.

Most service providers utilize core technology that is developed and maintained by a third party. We started this way, but our clients wanted more, so we launched our own platform, hosted in the cloud. Our cloud phone system, SIPTrex is the key to our solution and is engineered to be the most reliable hosted phone system on the planet.

Our technology tailors the user experience to our unique market of phone system customers: companies who put a premium on sales and service and consider the phone a strategic part of their business. It allows us to integrate more tightly to other business applications and to have granular data measuring everything we manage. We rely heavily on direct customer input to enhance and continually improve Call Conductor, and we are not beholden to a third party juggling multiple priorities.

You’ve got a smart phone in your pocket, what about the one on your desk?

  • Our software makes your office phone system “smart.” How can you tell? A smart phone system: Ensures that callers can find you whether you are at the office, on the road or at home (find me, follow me, mobility).

  • Provides you with the metrics and insight into your customer’s experience. Are they getting through to the right person? And if your customers experience is not ideal, a smart phone system will tell you how to optimize for the best results.

  • Connects calls and conversations to customer data in your CRM system for a richer and more detailed sales or service experience. Your teams will want to use your CRM system and leverage the investment you made in the application.