Shirley S. Waters

We recently purchased the Zultys MX250 system from DataTel 360. In addition to an enhanced phone system with dynamic features, we can also send and receive fax information to our desktops (this is very important to us!), we have an IM feature that is available to the users of the company. A couple of our users now only answer their phone through their PC without touching the handset. We are considering wireless headsets for them. Michael Kirchhoff installed the system within a matter of a couple of days, held training sessions before we went live on the system, and was here with us when we went live. He is available to us when we need assistance. Marsie Johnson coordinated the financial end for us without interruption and we just picked a date for the installation. The first couple of days were hectic in getting used to the system, but we have been on the system now for almost two weeks, and so far, everything is flowing smoothly. Our users are sharing information with each other about the features and what they have set up in their MXIE. From an administrative standpoint, Michael has been very helpful in answering questions, allowing me as the administrator to learn from him the various administrative features that are available with the system. There are real time reports available as well as history reports. You can make changes to the phones themselves, add groups, edit groups, add users, delete users. This is just a few of features that I have learned about so far. We are looking to increase the response time to our customers and improve the efficiency of our employees with this technology.

United Seal & Rubber Co., Inc.